This BETA site hosts a large catalogue of quality-checked 3D printable designs to enable makers around the globe to react faster to crisis, and print with confidence in the quality of the part.

All designs are open-source and free to use for non-commercial purposes. Our catalogue is a mix of designs we have collected and checked, others we have modified to facilitate ease of 3D printing and original designs from our team of designers and engineers at 3D Crowd.

We are in a process of continuous improvement and development. Please check back and get in touch if we can collaborate with your project or organisation.
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We search out open-source designs to test and put in one place so you can find them and print with confidence.
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We create new 3D printable designs and offer design support to makers helping combat crisis around the world.
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We take feedback from people in the field to adjust and add new designs to improve our catalogue.

 Latest News


Oxygen Splitter

Responding to the shortage in oxygen and supply parts in India during the latest Delta Covid-19 variant phase of the pandemic, our team has responded by designing a cheap and accessible part which allows a single oxygen line to be split for two patients.

The part was quickly designed and tested through 15 iterations in just a few weeks to maximise reliability and ease of 3D printing. 3D Crowd have also developed quality control and cleaning processes, drawing on the knowledge of our CE marked faceshields.


Get in touch if you would like to be part of our team or help us manufacture or distribute these parts. We are also currently accepting requests for these parts.



Personal Air Purifying Respirator

The clever engineers at Tetra Bio Distributed have (with a little bit of 3D printing input from us) just launched an open-source personal air purification system. 

Personal Air Purifying systems clean the air in and out of a mask at high threshold levels. 

It fits with other clinical PPE equipment and is being used by nurses and doctors in California.

We are putting the UK available electronics list together and will be doing a build and review of this ASAP. 

Currently we are assembling and testing the PAPRA units in the UK and will be creating a build guide and where possible arrange clinical testing with the prototypes. 



Prosthetic Limbs
3D Crowd are also working with the renowned prosthetic limb charity Enable and Deloitte.
Currently we are creating a CE approved process to create prosthetics through a distributed manufacturing methodologies, following from our success as the first ever company to CE mark an item produced through massively distributed manufacture (face shield production during the first wave of covid in the UK). 
Contact us if you have any feedback on our catalogue, require design support or if you want to volunteer with us through 3D Crowd.