What are we doing next?

The current website was populated quickly to see if our community was interested in supporting it and if potential partner organisations thought it was useful. We're pleased to say we have passed both challenges and are on to the next phase of development. Please continue to get in touch if you have feedback or would like to partner with us.
Other than continuing to expand the scope of our catalogue, here are some of the things we're working on and hope to release soon:
  • Migrate the current website on to a more robust and customisable platform, allowing for a wider range of functionality.
  • Standardise our look and feel with the main 3D Crowd website with a relaunch of both sites.
  • Create a downloadable catalog so users with poor connectivity can print in the field.
  • Optimise for mobile devices.
  • Onboard JavaScript skills so that we can create automated design features (so users can input custom parameters into common items such as pipe to pipe connectors and have their custom print file automated for instant download).
  • Add items suitable for printing with more challenging processes or materials.
  • Introduce an icon-based information system for key information.
  • Ability to sort and search catalogue items by name, tag or section. 
  • Comment and feedback on each individual catalogue items.
  • Simplify database input as much as possible to increase convenience for contributors.
  • Materials information and printing tips for each material. 
  • General printing information/introduction curated for a total beginner. There is a fast learning curve with 3D printing, but we recognise that we need to provide high quality information in an accessible location to help users quickly increase their skills and encourage a smooth printing process.